Different Types Of Pallet Racking Systems

If your type of business requires you to store materials or products, then you must be familiar with pallet racking, which is a storage system designed to store materials on skids or pallets. If you look online to purchase pallet racking systems, you will find several varieties available that allow easy storage of the palletized goods. These storage systems are vital for the modern warehouses, retail centers, manufacturing facilities and other types of storage and distribution units that need to handle large quantities of materials.

In this article, we will discuss about the three most important types of pallet racking systems available in the market:

Selective pallet racking:

This is the most commonly used storage system because of its versatility, flexibility and ability to store maximum materials. This amazing system allows users to access each pallet with ease, and they can be services effortlessly by Forklift Trucks. If you are looking for a flexible and easy to use pallet system for your business, this is perhaps the most ideal solution available at a relatively low cost. This system can be easily designed to manage almost all types of pallet size; and it can be easily relocated or changed at any time.

These pallets can suit an array of applications, and they can be accessed, moved, and located individually, thus providing quick handling of goods. You may need to consider a few factors when purchasing this type of racking system. First, you need to consider the type of Forklift truck and its limitations, loading power of the truck, and turning circle. The warehouse building, roof height, and floor loading should also be considered when determining the weight and size of the pallet racking systems.

Drive In Racking:

This type of storage system is mainly designed for storing the high density palletized goods, and it helps in enabling low cost warehouse storage and optimum utilization of space. They are used mainly in applications such as distribution centers, cold storage, and general warehousing. These racking systems provide high level of security, safety and flexibility. If you are looking for high density storage systems then his offers you the most economical solution. They are also very cost effective as they are serviced by a wide variety of Forklift trucks. If your business follows the LIFO storage system then this is the most ideal solution for you.

The Drive-Thru racking system has entry points located at both ends, and it’s varied from the Drive-In system. The two special entry points of the Drive-Thru racking system enables it to follow the FIFO storage pattern. In this system, the materials are loaded from one side, and they are pushed out from the other side.

Cantilever Racking:

This type of pallet racking system is especially suitable for the awkward materials such as timber, steel, piping, sheeting, or furniture. This storage system may be configured as single sided or double sided. You may have it custom made to suit the diverse requirements of your business. Some of the main factors to consider include height of the racks, maximum load on the levels, length of the racks and entry points.

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